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IT and cyber security assistance for those affected by the war in Ukraine

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How we can help

In the light of what is happening in Ukraine at the moment, leaving politics aside, people are suffering. There are numerous NGOs formed in Ukraine that are collecting donations that are targeted towards people who have been affected by the ongoing war. Unfortunately, similarly to UA government websites and IT infrastructure being attacked – so are NGO websites.

DDoS protection

We help mitigate DDoS attacks when your website becomes under attack

Website upkeep

We help scale the infrastucture to better handle increased traffic

Technical support

We help with technical issues that may result in service disruptions

Let us know with a brief description of your problem and we’ll get someone to assist you.

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How you can help

Here are all the NGOs and initiatives that support the civilians and people who are affected by the war. We’re uniting IT and cyber security companies to bring together resources that can be given to those in need so they can continue accepting donations and share critical information that supports the people in the crisis zone.

Charities and descriptions source: Reddit thread

Companies contributing resources

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